Update by Sara Parker

Hi guys! We have a lot of exciting things going on lately so it’s time for another newsletter!

Hey all! I wanted to notify you of some changes that we are making to our two Patreon sites – Girls Will Be Girls Club, and Tickle Babes.

First off, starting May 1st on Girls Will Be Girls Club, there will be no more $25 VIP Tier. All the ENF content that is in that $25 tier will be rolled into the $10 tier, and all the Messy content will be removed. We will be solely focusing on the ENF content for this site.

Well, what about the Messy content? Good question! We are incredibly happy to announce that we have launched our own membership site(s) this evening!

We wanted to have more control over what we can post for our members, and as you know, Patreon can be a little strict at times! We will be updating Patreon and our own site at the same time with the same content, BUT there might be more shown on our site (not guaranteed, but we do not have to edit out sexual content on our site)

Also, we are offering a membership site for our own (the sister site that we have alluded to on Patreon but were not able to speak about). We have filmed literally thousands of custom fetish videos over the years, and Dan will be releasing TONS of them in the next few months for that site. They are much more graphic than we can release on Patreon with content spanning hundreds of different genres with dozens of girls!

There is also a VIP tier that will get you access to all 3 sites if you are so inclined.

Also, I know MANY of you have complained  about joining up in the middle of the month, only to be charged again on the first of the month on Patreon – this is not the case on our site – it is a monthly reoccurring payment on the day you joined!

Ok, the sites, I know you are interested. The main members portal is -

From there you can find all 3 of our members sites – or if you just want the ENF – Girls Will Be Girls Club (or will take you there, and for tickling Tickle Babes (or

I hope you enjoy the new site as much as we do, we feel like it is a great alternative to Patreon with all of the same features that you liked, with none of the shortcomings!  

I would LOVE to hear your feedback, because Dan was working extremely hard on this new site!

Sara Parker xoxoxox

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